Suggestive BI

Suggestive BI

Acquire Suggestions through Panorama’s suggestive BI solution

The team of professionals at Panorama is proud to offer the first of its kind suggestive BI solution to present a highly personalized and collaborative data discovery experience to business users. Through it, users can acquire highly dynamic and visual infographics to attain hidden insights, track performance, go through vital data, and even collaborate with their peers with the help of interactive infographics that are meant to help learn about dynamic business changes.

Interpret complex information through graphic visual representations

With the suggestive BI solution that we have to offer at Panorama, users are provided with the ability to:

  • Measure and keep track of extensive business performance metrics with the help of personalized graphics
  • Easily design as well as explore analytical business processes in an intuitive manner
  • Indulge in the creation of custom visual elements for infographics as a means of representing their business

Focus only on what is relevant for your business with the suggestive BI solutions by Panorama

The suggestive BI solutions that we offer are highly efficient at making automatic suggestions to business users in terms of where they can acquire the right insights. Our solution allows you to do so while presenting the required information in a clearly understandable and highly visual manner. Our suggestive BI solution comes packed with a recommendation engine that has gained immense popularity for its ability to track, analyze, and create links in terms of user profiles, data, user interests and a number of other user behaviours. All of these aspects associated with our suggestive BI solution leads to the formation of adequate connections between all users. Through suggestive BI, you will acquire the potential to benefit from a continuous process of receiving suggestions of relevant trends, data, and insights. This way, you will have a far better chance of collaborating with the right audience, with the right habits, and at the right time!
Easy to use and intuitive – that’s what suggestive BI is like!
The suggestive BI solutions that we offer work on the concept of workboards (dynamic and rich dashboards) and make it possible for users to visualize, analyze and track performance, collaborate with colleague and even acquire in-depth information about hidden insights – that too by means of a single window of the browser!

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