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Panorama Necto Customer Testimonials


“Panorama Necto is extremely easy to use and with the self service features our users can create their own private views, reports and dashboards and share the information with their teams.”

Necto has enabled us to expose relevant BI data to our major suppliers where they can analyze the data that is relevant to them. The system is extremely intuitive and most of the users go way beyond reading reports – they easily deploy a wide range of features; creating their own reports, views and dashboards

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Company: Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland

Needs and Requirements:

One of the tasks of the Ministry is to support activities related to sport and tourism through the provision of financial grants. The grant may cover different areas of the office, such as creation of sports stadiums and sports halls, organizing sporting events, etc. Grantsare provided through various funding programs and are carried out by the relevant departments of the Ministry.

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Company: Jelly Belly Candy Company

Company Profile

Founded in  1869, Jelly Belly Candy Company is a manufacturer of jelly beans and other  confections. Jelly Belly produces the leading gourmet jelly beans in the world  as well as other treats such as candy corn and Gummi Bears. Jelly Belly  products are sold in 35 countries around the world and in 2003, the company  reported annual sales of more than $140m US.

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Company: Geocartography Knowledge Group

Geocartography changes the rules of the game in the world of organizational business intelligence, thanks to the development of an innovative BI solution on Panorama platforms

Company Overview

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Great to hear from partner community

Panorama Software recently did its best rock ‘n roll impersonation and ventured out on a world tour to spread the word about our revolutionary solution, Panorama Necto. Okay, so our trips through the U.K., Germany, and Singapore may have been different than those of the Rolling Stones, but the Panorama Necto roadshow still gave us a great opportunity to connect with the many organizations we regularly rely on.

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Cloud-based business intelligence makes sense

As with other hosted applications, cloud-based business intelligence solutions, such as those delivered through a SaaS model, make sense for companies looking to cut costs and increase agility within the IT department, according to a recent Computerworld UK report.

“Instead of buying servers and software licenses up front as a large, sunk capital cost, paying monthly fees from operating budgets can be less expensive over the life of the application,” the report states.
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Retailers utilizing business intelligence solutions to boost sales

Companies in the retail sector are using business intelligence solutions to enhance their distribution strategies and boost sales, according to a recent Retail Solutions Online report.

Contributor Rosanne Saccone, the chief marketing officer of a business intelligence solutions vendor, identified several ways retailers are deploying BI. According to the report, retail companies are using analytics to study customer behavior, speed access to business information and empower customer-facing employees.
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