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Parallels drawn between motorcycling and business intelligence

Riding a motorcycle well and utilizing business intelligence effectively share several of the same requisite qualities and skills, according to a recent Smart Data Collective report.

Contributor Mark Bradbourne, a motorcycle enthusiast and BI user himself, highlighted the fact that both require training, the right tools and vision.

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Retailer launches head-on into BI deployment

A recent report from TechTarget recounted the head-first plunge Anna’s Linens, a national home furnishings retail chain, took with its business intelligence deployment.

The first thing the company did was create a department with the sole responsibility of handling its analytics. That, chief financial officer Neil Watanabe said, has made for more efficient reporting because the data is accessed more quickly and from the correct files.
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Business intelligence helps New York housing authority fight crime

The use of business intelligence technology has helped the New York City Housing Authority fight crime in the country’s largest city, according to a recent TechTarget report.

Prepared to invest heavily in surveillance cameras, because conventional wisdom says they help reduce crime, the NYCHA first used business intelligence to analyze 10 year’s worth of crime data, including police reports, the agency’s chief information officer Atefeh Riazi told TechTarget. But the results were mixed.
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Advanced BI deployments now used for customer relationship management

Organizations that have long utilized business intelligence technology and have built advanced deployments are no longer confining it to enterprise end-users, according to the chief technology officer of a data warehousing and analytics solutions vendor.

Speaking with Computing during the recent Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2011, industry expert Stephen Brobst said companies are now using advanced business intelligence platforms to improve relations with customers. The trend, Brobst said, is driven by mobile device use among consumers.
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Bank IT departments may cash in on business intelligence this year

More banks and financial institutions plan to implement business intelligence solutions this year, according to a recent report from Bank Technology News.

In an effort to better utilize customer data, banks will adopt business intelligence platforms to enhance their customer relationship management systems, the report states. Banks will utilize BI solutions in areas ranging from marketing and cross selling to risk management and security, according to the report.
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