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The Emergence of HTML5: Saying Goodbye to Flash

Technology Concept: HTML5

Technology Concept: HTML5


HTML5 is emerging as the alternative to the aging Adobe Flash technology. Many users are claiming that HTML5 technology is better, faster and is built for newer technologies which Flash does not support.
Panorama Necto now offers the HTML5 Client as an additional option on top of its Flash-based client.


Here are some key attributes of HTML5 technology:

  • HTML5 is a general term for the next generation of web apps. It encompasses the expansion of functionality by making three aspects better: markup (HTML), style (CSS), and interactivity (JavaScript).
  • It can run on any computer system and various mobile gadgets such as Android devices iPad, iPhone, and other tablets and smartphones.
  • Using the newer technology of HTML5, animations, video clips, and other multimedia tools can be embedded with a text file.

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GetApp’s SaaS Summer Games 2016


Rio’s 2016 Olympic Games came to an end, and so did GetApp’s SaaS Summer Games 2016. While athletes competed for gold in Brazil, the top SaaS companies in the world competed to prove themselves as the most popular SaaS application. The games consisted of six different events, related to types of applications. Continue reading