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World of Analysis on the World Cup

Similar to a world champion Olympic sprinter, the Spanish national team seemingly stumbled out of the blocks so badly that their tournament was over almost as quickly as it had started.

The spectacular and quite unexpected surprise of this year’s World Cup was the level of parody between power-house and underdog teams with a special mention to Costa Rica. They were unarguably this year’s overwhelming underdog of the tournament, surprising everyone! (ie. A bet of $1 on Costa Rica reaching the quarter final would have won $180).

We can see that there was a technical superiority of the European teams, as Europe was the continent with the most goals scored. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean the South American teams were punished with more yellow cards than any other continent. However, an interesting trend was noticed when the lower tear teams were facing a superior team, they would raise their level of aggressiveness on defense in an attempt to offset the superior teams’ offensive prowess. Although the “Fair Play” award was given to Colombia, in general every team behaved accordingly during the tournament with only a few minor exceptions. Most notably, the infamous Suarez bite.

Overall America as a continent was the great winner of this World Cup in terms of teams from that region being able to qualify for the second round.

The highest possible percentage of teams (66.7%), followed by Europe (53.8%) and rounded out by Africa (40%).

There is no doubt that Germany deserved the glory! Throughout the World Cup they lead in attacking statistics. Known for being a sport that is turning into tactical and at times offers fans just plain boring games has a hope, the old way of playing is still very exciting and valuable.

Company: Cascades Tissue Group

Leading Health Care Provider Utilizes Robust BI Solution to Manage Key Performance Indicators and Enhanced Drilled Down Data

When  Jocelyn Laberge started in the business intelligence (BI) department at  Cascades Tissue Group (a division of the Kingsey Falls, Quebec-based recycled paper  and packaging company Cascades), he was automating sales reports that were sent  by e-mail to managers. The BI software wasn’t flexible or easy to use: “We  had to train people constantly and it wasn’t very intuitive,” says  Laberge. Continue reading

Panorama partners jump on board for Necto certification

With the recent release of our latest solution Panorama Necto, Panorama Software has ushered in the next generation of business intelligence technology, inspiring many of our well-respected business partners from around the world to jump on board with the cutting edge of analytics.

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Improving data for business intelligence is key this year

As enterprise financial leaders continue to steer their organizations out of the worst of the economic recession, many will be determined to focus on means to foster growth within the business this year, according to a recent Business Finance report. For many, that will mean taking a closer look at business intelligence.

Many companies have already begun prioritizing business intelligence platforms for higher investment, but, in speaking with Business Finance, expert Tom Willman said they will take the process one step further to focus on the data used for analytics.
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Advanced BI deployments now used for customer relationship management

Organizations that have long utilized business intelligence technology and have built advanced deployments are no longer confining it to enterprise end-users, according to the chief technology officer of a data warehousing and analytics solutions vendor.

Speaking with Computing during the recent Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2011, industry expert Stephen Brobst said companies are now using advanced business intelligence platforms to improve relations with customers. The trend, Brobst said, is driven by mobile device use among consumers.
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Bank IT departments may cash in on business intelligence this year

More banks and financial institutions plan to implement business intelligence solutions this year, according to a recent report from Bank Technology News.

In an effort to better utilize customer data, banks will adopt business intelligence platforms to enhance their customer relationship management systems, the report states. Banks will utilize BI solutions in areas ranging from marketing and cross selling to risk management and security, according to the report.
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