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Are Smart Cities a Smart Idea?

We generate around 7 and a half sextillion gigabytes of data worldwide every day. The amount of data we generate is growing exponentially. We know that 90% of the world’s data was created only in the last 2 years. And the Internet of Things is already a reality, and one that grows at unprecedented pace. Around 30 billion objects are expected to be connected to the IOT by 2020. Everything will be connected, from sensors in soil and oceans, to street lamps, to wearables, cars, and even dog collars. This means that the billions of sensors in devices will be generating tons of data. If this data is processed and analyzed correctly, the possibilities for finding insights are endless.

smart city and wireless communication network, abstract image visual, internet of things

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Company: Janssen-Cilag

Company Overview

Part of Johnson & Johnson group of companies, Janssen-Cilag develops and markets innovative, high quality pharmaceutical products and services aimed at improving quality of life for people with medical needs everywhere .

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Company: Israeli Police

Customer Size: 2,500 employees

Organization Profile

The Israel Police strives to enforce the law in the spirit of the basic values set forth in the Proclamation of Independence, with the aim of ensuring the security of both individuals and society as a whole and enhancing quality of life in the State of Israel.

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Microsoft Announces Pricing for Upcoming Denali (SQL Server 2012) Release

Our friends at Microsoft took another step toward releasing SQL Server 2012 database platform, code name ‘Denali’, by announcing today their new licensing model and pricing for the product.

This is significant step forward for Panorama Software customers, as well as business intelligence users around the world. The newest version of SQL Server, set for an early 2012 release, is the first to include an edition devoted specifically to BI.

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Trends affecting mobile BI adoption and use emerge

Mobile has joined SaaS business intelligence and social business intelligence as the future of analytics technology. Given the rise of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, decision-makers now want access to the same insightful data reports they regularly use on their desktop machines.

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CEO Review: Top tech executives gather at HTIA event in Jerusalem

The High Tech Industry Association, an influential Israeli organization, recently invited top technology executives from across the world to participate in its HTIA 2011 Annual Conference in Jerusalem. I was grateful to be invited to share the stage among other top leaders and discuss Panorama’s approach to the future of the business intelligence field.

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