Telecom Business Intelligence

Telecom Business Intelligence

The telecommunication industry faces many challenges in terms of competition, regulations, technology shifts, and customer demand for new features and services. One of the challenges facing telcos is the difficulty to gain insights from all the data they generate. Telco enterprises generate huge amounts of data from mobile phone usage, call detail records, network equipment, billing information, server logs and the growing connectivity of the subscribers and users.

Analyzing this data with a business intelligence solution provides telcos with a competitive advantage. They will be able to improve overall network performance, optimize service levels, minimize overhead costs and maximize profitability by ensuring customer loyalty. They can make data-driven decisions about investments to achieve targeted profit margins. The enterprise will have a unified view of data even if it comes from multiple data sources and departments. Users can analyze and view data in beautiful dashboards that are easy to understand and explore. They can also collaborate with colleagues, enrich the data with comments and get notified when there are anomalies in the data.

A centralized BI tool, like Necto, enables telco enterprises to stay ahead of competitors and anticipate customer needs. Users can work in a single web solution, where data is updated for everyone. Using a centralized BI tool, users can analyze data from different departments like marketing, finance, customer service, sales and engineering. With governed data permissions, departments can share resources and insights.

A good analysis on how subscribers use a service or their viewing habits can yield insights that can reduce churn, improve customer retention, and target specific products and services to specific segments. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities can be easily identified, giving a competitive advantage to the organization.

Necto is the most secure, centralized, and state of the art business intelligence software. Telecommunication enterprises can enjoy the benefits of the most advanced analytics and a centralized architecture to drive value from their data. And Panorama has a strong partnership with Amdocs, introducing Necto as the analytics platform on Amdocs’s Optima.

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